Sunday, 27 May 2012

Marketing Offer

Dear Marketing Department
My name is Andy and I am making a cult movie with my band Unlucky Fried Kitten. I'm writing to ask if your company and some of it's products would like to feature in the movie in exchange for you sending some free samples which we could use in photos and film and song.
The movie will be heavily distributed and will feature on many websites and social networking sites. We've done a few 'guerilla adverts' before and put them on youtube and they have attracted great viewing figures. We were praised from the companies we made them for and we will be doing some more. I've attached a couple of the videos to show you.
This new venture is an exciting opportunity to get your products featured in the viral market which is ever-growing. The plan is to step up a dozen gears on the promo side of it...and any future songs/adverts/film clips will be regularly broadcast on sites such as twitter, tumblr, pinterest, facebook and many many more social sites. Naturally...your products will be represented in a warm and friendly fashion and with a pleasant informative approach....with demonstrations and fun storylines.
If you are interested you can send samples to me at:

ME16 8TG

My mobile number is 07545 584461
My e-mail is

I've attached a few examples of my work.
Thank you very much....I hope to hear from you.

Kind regards